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Ideal after a blow, Muscle and joint relaxation, Ideal after an intense effort.

HORSE BOXⓇ COOLING CLAY is a combination of elements that tighten and regenerate tissues, it is ideal for the tendons, knees and fetlocks of sport horses. During training, races, show jumping … joints and tendons are put to the test, HORSE BOXⓇ COOLING CLAY then brings a calming, relaxing and invigorating sensation. It is also a plaster to use in case of engorgement, heat or the appearance of soft blemishes. This unclogs the limbs and firms the tissues.


Kaolin white clay, Water, Vegetable oil, essential oil of peppermint, preservative.


Mix before use, Store in a cool and dry place, Apply directly to the limbs of the horse. Cover with a damp paper then put under strips. Leave to act for 24 hours’ maximum. Rinse thoroughly with water.