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Soothes itching, Muscle and joint relaxation, Helps fight against engorgement


All the virtues of green clay combined with soothing camomile extract. Preparation for plaster ready to use in the form of a moist and creamy paste. Allows better recovery for the tendons, helps to fight against engorgement of the limbs, brings comfort to painful joints, allows better recovery of the limbs, maintains good physical shape after regular work, Supports the tissues during heavy exertion, Helps the healing of sprains, tendonitis, soothes itching, insect bites, pimples, Calms irritations, Protects the skin during dermatitis, Ripens abscesses.

muscle and joint, Creamy texture.


Illite green clay, Water, Vegetable oil, Soothing camomileextract, algae and mineral salts,preservative.


Mix before use, Store in a cool and dry place, To put directly on the limbs after having showered and wiped them.

Can be applied under cling film to prolong the effectiveness of wet clay Precautions: use cling film only for a few hours and avoid during hot weather. Apply as often as possible for lasting effectiveness, 1 to 3 times a day from a few days to several months as often as necessary