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Hydration of the hoof, Protection in humid conditions, Protection of the horn, Protection of the frog, Daily care.

HORSE BOX® black hoof ointment intended for hoofs subjected to damp conditions (wet ground, damp litter, frequent showering). Rich in oil, maintains and moisturizes the hoof, the presence of pine oil in its composition preserves the horn and the frog from soil moisture or litter.

In wet periods, the daily application of HORSE BOX® Black Ointment is recommended to prevent rotten seimes(hoof cracks)and frogs

Allows the hoof to keep its flexibility and natural hydration.

Hoof, Oily texture, sport and racing horses,BROODMARE, FOALS,LEISURE HORSES


Vegetable fat, Beeswax, mineral fat, fish oil, vegetable tar, bay oil, coconut oil, pine oil, cade oil, does not contain water.


Apply the black ointment with a brush on brushed and cured hooves (wall and sole), after the shower; apply on a dry hoof.

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