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Contributes to the maintenance of irons, Strengthens the wall, Helps harden the wall, Ideal for fragile hooves

HORSE BOX® hoof fortifier, helps harden the horn, makes the wall more solid. Strengthens and protects the horseshoe and non-horseshoe horseshoe, prevents cracks and breakage of horseshoes, Contributes to the good maintenance of horseshoes and their stability. Not waterproof. Ideal for, Fragile hooves, Horses without horseshoes, Broodmare and foals, Fragile soles prone to bruising.

LIQUID, OILY TEXTURE, brush included


Aluminum, chloride, hexahydrate, glycerin (glycerol), formaldehyde, ethyl alcohol, methylalcohol, methyl salicylate, DOP.


Using the brush contained in the packaging, apply to the lower part of the sole and the hoof, stop just above the stampings, avoid the crown and the frog.

Do not apply to the skin. Keep away from the eyes and mucous membranes of the horse. Observe the safety instructions. Use daily for the first week then twice a week for general hoof maintenance (alternating with HORSE BOX® ointments and HORSE BOX® horn regenerator)


250ml bottle with brush